Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Vidhan Sabha Election


Haryana Assembly Election
Janadhar Software Solutions to enable services for Haryana legislative assembly 
election by Janadhar Haryana for better position In Election.
Election software developed by janadhar  jaipur, India. The software is developed 
regarding all the vital and important aspects of election system. Software has a 
good look as well as features to perform in various critical situations of election.
One of the promising diversification of the group in the field of software, BPO,
transcription, web-site development. The firm has provided services to a number 
of leading entrepreneurs of Rajasthan. The accounting and inventory softwares of 
the firm are being used by more than 500 entities from last several years. 
Further the user based softwares in various fields have also been provided. The 
firm is now on the verge of development of specialized softwares for hospitals, 
medical shops, hotels, restaurants, schools and software for banking.
Janadhar Haryana provide services In Haryana legislative assembly election
Of this year & Provide various products Viz..
Ø  Janadhar Software Solutions 
Ø  Election Software Haryana
Ø  Election Campaign Software in Haryana
Ø  Haryana election summit
Ø  haryana assembly election
        Ø  vidhan sabha election in Haryana 


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